Saturday, 11 February 2012

stencil drawing

This is my card design  for my friend. I used balsa wood stencils  from a ship I bought from the car boot sale.
I used lots of different shapes and sizes of stencils and ovelapped the drawings,

Halloween ghost.

I dressed up as a ghost for halloween and I made the cloak out of silky fabric and made it look white by shining a torch up the front.

multicoloured weaving

It is made out of old clothes and fabric. I made it at a market in West Norwood

Clay Stone henge.

I made this in my mummy's studio it is made out of clay . My daddy helped me.
I have not been to Stonehenge but I have seen it on my way to my grannies house.

zip wire

I made this for my teddy korckey. It came down from the banister to the floor.  Korckey is in the capsule.

paper bird

I made this bird for my mummy